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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sunnysideup finds: Yoville is fun!

I just discovered Yoville through Facebook. I've gotten tons of invites and only yesterday did I succumb to my curiosity. I have no regrets, so far.

It's a fun game that allows you to live in an online village. As a Yovillian we can:
  • make new friends
  • work in a factory and earn (Yoville) money
  • customize and dress-up our characters
  • shop for clothes and accessories
  • and best of all...furnish our apartment!
Now all I need to do is figure out how I can earn more. I really want to see how my Yoville dream apartment will look. :P

On my first day at Yoville, this is all I've got - still so much to buy and see.


Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

I like the game and even ask my wife to try it one time. Hehe, By the way I am giving you an award, two awards actually, and hope you'll enjoy it.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

sorry, the award is from Thoughtskoto family. This is Kenj here. Thanks.

Nortehanon said...

Wow, I like the "we can furnish our apartment" part! I'm a sucker for interior decorating (kahit wala akong house na idi-decorate at walang money pambili ng furnitures and decorations haha!) Sige, if I can have extra time soon susubukin ko yang game na ya.

Btw, bukas magpapakuha ng ako ng picture ko para magawa ko na ang tag mo. Iniisip ko pa paanong anggulo para hindi naman masyado expozed ang aking face. Mahiyain kasi talaga ako eh :D

"Q" said...

Thanks for the award Mr. Thousghtkoto :) Its an honor

Nortehanon: Yeah that's the fun part. I think it's a girl thing - us wanting to fix and decorate the house. Can't wait to see your pic :P

amiable amy said...

hi Q visiting here...have a good weekend

salamat sa visit ha

AC said...

para ba syang SIMS? hehehe

"Q" said...

Funny thing is I've never played SIMS :P I only starting playing games this year.

I know a lot of people who love SIMS but never tried it so maybe I should play this too. They also say that SIMS is better than this.