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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunnysideup perspectives: A Night without hubby

I arrived in Manila midnight of April 29. I will be in Manila for a 1 month vacation. Lot's of things on my calendar. I'm planning to attend a workshop, catch up with friends, undergo a complete medical check-up, and work on some errands.

Maybe it's a bit selfish of me to take a trip this long without my hubby, but I just felt the need to. It's something I need to do for myself. I have to admit though that it was not easy. Days prior to this trip I was torned between excitement and sadness. I look forward to the long to do list I have in Manila, yet I feel sad that I will be leaving my hubby behind. My first night was also terrible - I did not sleep. I am now no longer used to having all the bed to myself. Now I have more understanding and respect for the hardships felt by our OFW's who are far from their families and children.

If there's one thing, I am reminded of the fact that I'm so greateful and lucky to have such an understanding husband. I am also reminded that my decision - to take a sabbatical from the corporate world and be a trailing spouse to support my husband - was worth all the sacrifice!
When I return to China on June, I will be a better me - refreshed and rejuvenated!


AC said...

welcome back quinnie! :)

hope your decision to be away from your hubby for a month will be worth it.. sana magawa mo lahat ng kelangan mo gawin, and i hope you'd enjoy! :)

Beth said...

wow, you're here!

how are you here? pa-attend attend na alng ng seminar ha? lam mo, ok nga un, having a break refreshes our mind and body :)