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Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank you series: My greeting on the Morning Rush!

Finally, after years of listening to Chico and Del I finally got to hear them greet me. Well thanks to Twitter, it's so much easier to send a message. Twitter is so much easier than calling their (very hot) hotline or sending an SMS. :)

More power Chico and Del! You always make me smile in the mornings. When we were in Manila you kept us sane during traffic, and while we're here in China you keep us company with your top tens and your conversations - the "winner hirits".

Note: If you are a fan of Chico and Del's The Morning Rush, you can join them at Twitter.


Beth said...

i really love listening to these two witty DJs too! They make my mornings pleasant! :)

AC said...

wow! fan ka pala. ako din, used to be one. kaso lang nowadays no time na ko to listen to the radio. hehehe

AC said...

hello quinnie. here's another tag for you:

enjoy! :)

AC said...

hello, for you:

Nortehanon said...

Hmn, perhaps I wasn't paying attention to the greetings part :( Hindi ko tuloy narining ang greetings nila sa 'yo :( I'm tuned in sa kanila kapag umaga...unless I am having a meeting or I am out of Manila and I don't have FM signal.