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Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you series: Fruit, Fruit, Fruit Juice

My hubby and I went to the market last Saturday to buy fruits for our planned diet. This is part of our "serious" desire to lose our winter weight/bulge. Not only are we now getting regular exercise daily we also drink more fruit juice.

Anyway here's what we bought for this week: 20 apples, 10 large carrots, 15 oranges, 20 bananas, 7 corns, 20 large tomatoes, 1 full bowl of cherry tomatoes, 7 stalks of celery, and 1 small bowl of wild berries.

All this for 100RMB (that's 700Pesos or 15USD).

Fruits are just so much cheaper here in Zhongshan, and that's one thing I enjoy! I've been a fan of fresh fruit juice even when I was in Manila. I love drinking them shaked with lots of ice cubes or just juiced/concentrated, but I always have it without sugar. Well, except in Jamba Juice! :)

My fave fruit juice places are:

Jamba Juice (US)
Juice Avenue and Fruit Magic (Philippines)


of course our house for my own blends. :)

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