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Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you series: My first Halloween in China

I spent my Halloween weekend quite differently this year.

1. I was not able to go and visit my mom's in her garden resting place so I just lit a candle for her in our veranda and said my prayers. In the same way, I am not able to bond with my dad, since this is usually our 'day off' to bond and go to my moms grave.
2. I wasn't also able to meet up with my old friends, usually I also get to meet them since they also a a family, parent or grandparent, buried in the same cemetery were my mom is.
3. I was not able to see the entertaining mall decors and Trick or Treat costumed kids at the mall.


1. I shared the moment with my hubby. This is our first Halloween as husband and wife. Soon it will also be our first Christmas together.

2. I got to attend another feast here in China. It's a thank you ceremony complete with dances and acrobatic performances. I was told that it was a celebration hosted by a realty company, to give thanks for their successful projects and to bless the new project they are going to build. I guess, one of the best ways to ward off bad karma or spirits is with a celebration.

3. We also spent a Halloween evening in Alex bar. It was pleasant and fun to see people in wild and wacky costumes. Bumped into a group of young expats on the bus already dressed for the fun evening.

Happy Halloween!

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