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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank you series: Got our condo rented

Our vacation in Manila was not only fun, we also accomplished so many things. One of which was having our condo unit rented. This is our first investment as a couple and we need to find a suitable tenant. The truth is we had so many inquiries but it took us a long time to decide. I guess this is partly because we worked on this as newly weds. From the kitchen cabinets, closets we customized to the furnishings we personally chose. I had I'm just glad we finally had it rented out to a single lady, it was just practical for us since we will be in China for a year or two.

Here's a funny story, I think we both had separation anxiety with our unit when we finally had to give the keys. We didn't expect our tenant will pay her advance and deposits that day, we thought she was just signing the contracts. It was truly unexpected, we were hoping that we will be able to sleep there a night before we turned it over.

Oh well. That's life. I'm just glad we accomplished so much.

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