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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank you series: Happy 20th Anniversary Behringer!

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to attend the 20th anniversary of Behringer. My hubby works there and I was invited. I really enjoyed it - felt as if I was watching a live entertainment show for China TV. Chinese culture is so rich and colorful. Let me share the photos with you. :)

'The opening act'

'Simply Amazing and Breathtaking'

'The hosts, performers and awardees'

'Hosted by Kevin, Smile, Penny and Show'

'The band'

'Employees moving with the beat'

'My favorite "Face Changing" performance'

'Awarding Ceremony'

The costumes were outstanding, the performances were really impressive and like a game show they even had a raffle (my hubby's colleague was lucky enough to win a cash prize).

'Noel wins!'

'Employees with their cool costumes'

'Myself with the beautiful costume-clad ladies'

'My hubby's colleagues and boss'

'Alberto with the Chairman, Mr. Behringer'

'My hubby with his boss, CW'

'Chalito, Lot, CW, Mhy, Anna and Jason'

'Jason, myself, Smile, Penny and Vincent'

'Myself, Smile, Wilson and Penny'

We also got this loot bag and these little handheld drums.

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