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Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you series: Our Korean and Chinese dinner dates

As you've read here recently we just celebrated our wedding anniversary, and as always we celebrated events with dinner. For Valentine, we decided to eat in our favorite hotpot resto. It's a 20 minute walk from our place and is near the Scenic hotel. It was great exercise too because the resto was on the side of a hill.

Then for our anniversary we ate at Korean restaurant, located in the 5th floor of the Century hotel here in Zhongshan. Unfortunately I could not tell you the exact name of both restos simply because I can't read the signs :) but I can share the food photos with you.

The food was great! My hubby had his fill of beef and balls in the Hot Pot resto.

'The Regular and Spicy soup to cook our food in. The one on the right is very spicy'

'Thinly slice beef'

'My Fave'

'The Sauce mixture. I think this is the secret'

At the Korean place, it was veggies galore. What I love about this restaurant is the superb service and freebies. Our attendant was very attentive indeed and I never had to ask for anything. All the veggies were free and we even got a choice between free ice cream or coffee before we left. The beef and the pork were a bit pricey but I'm sure that compensates for the great service and free stuff we got :)

'Our table full of Veggies'

'Pork, Beef and some Crepe Veggies'

'Free Vanilla Ice Cream'


JoY said...

OOOHHHH Hot poooot! with lots of fishballs .... am flying there na tomorrow!!! hahahahaha

"Q" said...

sure ill take you there. just let me know when :) sarap!!!