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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sunnysideup perspectives: Buying the Right Rubber Shoes

Not until I felt pain in my ankle did I realize the importance of buying the right rubber shoes. I have to admit that I never paid much thought when buying in the past. All I needed to know was that it felt good, looked good and paired well with my gym clothes. Yeah I know, too girly.

Since we relocated back to the Philippines, my hubby and I, having been into running. We usually run on weekends and since then I realized the need to really buy the right one for my feet. Funny thing is what used to be a 10-15minute purchase for me in the past, now became a 1 hour activity for me. As I was choosing and trying you on a number of shoes at a sport shop in The Fort, I can see the impatience brewing in my hubby hehe :) But it was all worth it. My hubby and I came out happy with our purchase. I so so love my new running shoes and I thank my hubby for convincing me get this pair. It's perfect! (It even comes with an option to add a sensor that can track and record my runs.)

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