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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunnysideup Thank you series: Happy 3 Years!

It's our wedding anniversary today, 3 years to be exact. To celebrate we:

- ate at our favorite restaurant (Sambokojin). This is our current celebration resto and I celebrated by eating so much Salmon! So so love Salmon :)

- conducted our on DIY photoshoot to document who and where we are on our third year together. I practiced my amateur photography and styling skills.

Here's one of our pictures, the "photoshopped" version. The concept for this photo is documenting "us" - the fashionista and the football jock. I'm taking Fashion workshops while my hubby is now playing football in one of the teams of Arenaball Phils.

Happy 3rd year to my babe - my bestfriend, hubby and love! :)

***Acknowledgement to Nike Wallpaper which I used as background for our pic. There's no great gridiron field here in Manila so I borrowed this instead :) Thank you Nike! You are our favorite sport brand for rubber shoes and gears.

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