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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunnysideup Thank you series: My love affair with Milk Tea

When I was in high school, I began to drink teas as Iced Teas. I used the concentrated powdered version of Lipton and added Kalamansi. I never was a fan of the Nestea ready to drink teas even then because they were too sweet and sugar was the only thing I tasted. I was then introduced tea leaves when one of my mom's closest friend offered us tea after dinner. From then on I always drank tea leaves - Oolong, Black or Green Tea etc.

As I learned more about the various teas, my love for milk tea also grew. It started with my first sip of Red Pearl Milk Tea in Easy Way, Sta Lucia branch. I believe I am one of the few early fans of this then new beverage trend in Manila and was truly sad to see it close shop.

Quickly was the next brand I began to enjoy but the in the next few years, their menu focused
more on sweet options like shaved ice Taro, Chocolate and other flavored juices so my favorite Milk Tea is now only available in a handful stores. By the way, I also tried Chowking's Nai Cha but it too is just too sweet for my taste.

Here's a few of my Milk Tea Moments

In the next years for my life, our move to China gave my tastebuds a greater appreciation for Milk Teas :) Our 2 year stay offshore allowed me to taste different brands like EDO and AH-2 in the Mainland, Comebuy in Macau, and other brands in Hong Kong.

Needless to say, I am hooked on Milk Teas. Now that we are back in Manila I am glad to find Serenitea. Finally I am able to enjoy the same quality of Milk Teas I used to enjoy in China. After several tries of their milk tea variands - Royal, Assam, Hokkaido etc - I now know my favorite. For now it's the brown sugary taste of Okinawa with pearl sinkers and 0% sugar. Kudos to Serenitea for their growing number of branches. My go-to branch is Eastwood. I am truly addicted; just last week I think I had 3 large orders of milk tea. Imagine if I had one branch next door? Oh Oh :P

By the way, I also like Bubble Tea in SM Megamall. I've tried their Royal milk tea and it's also good.

Will always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tea, especially milk tea!

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