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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunnysideup Thank you series: My Pixie Cut

This week I had a haircut. It's a pixie cut reminiscent of my hair in college (albeit a bit updated). For 2 years I've been postponing this haircut since my hubby discouraged me; he always wanted me to keep my cut feminine and flowy. :) Good thing though, he now approves and likes my new pixie cut. Otherwise, I would never hear the end of it! :P

But since I saw the cut of Ginnifer Goodwin last week in an OMG news, I could no longer hold it off. I did it. I finally chopped my hair off and I'm sooo happy!

Ginnifer's cut which I saw via Yahoo OMG news.

My college hair

My hair now

Missed having super short hair - it's so manageable! Now I'm wonder til when I'll keep this and what's the next cut I'll try.

How about you, what's you fave hair cut?


The Weekend Artist said...

Oh I love it Ms. Q!!! It looks great!

"Q" said...

thanks weekend artist! :)