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Monday, April 19, 2010

sunnysideup finds: My Red Shoes!

A few months ago, I found this unique pair of shoes. It's designed by a Filipino and makes use of pure leather for the shoe and tire rubber for the sole. I just love it's unique design - sort of like the fusion of a gladiator shoes and ballerina shoe.

There are several colors to choose from but I chose the bright red - my current favorite color. I noticed that a red bag or red shoes can always spruce up your simple attire. I've used this in several of my travels.

By the way, I bought my pair in a shop in Eastwood. It's in the floor below the cinema of the first mall/old building.

MESSAGE FOR THE SHOE DESIGNER: I just adore your shoes! One quick suggestion though, please improve on the sole. Maybe you can add some cushioning inside. Although the comfort of not wearing a shoe is there, the thinness of the shoes sometimes causes slight discomfort: I can feel the stones, the roughness of the floor, even the heat or cold of the floor. :)

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