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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunnysideup Perspectives: Goodbye to China (for now)

I’m back! My hubby and I left Mainland China last March 26 so here I am back in my hometown and back to blogging. My blog posts have been intermittent, well even nonexistent since the blocking of blogspot late last year.

In China I learned and observed much about their people, food and culture. There were times when I had to adjust and adapt to some of their ways but overall the experience was interesting and worthwhile. As a newlywed who decided to settle in a foreign land with a language I am not able to speak nor understand, my first few months were challenging. I initially felt like a fish on land, but looking back I will always value these moments because it made us closer as a couple. At the same time the relocation taught and reminded me of wifely values and traits like humility, adaptability, selflessness, openness and thankfulness. I am grateful to have had time to experience and focus on being a wife - a fulltime housewife - with lots of quiet and relaxed time on my hands. It actually felt like a 2 year summer vacation for me.

Anyway this entry marks my return to blogging and soon corporate life. There is so much to share having missed blogging for months. That said, expect that some of my upcoming posts will be about the experiences I had during the half of last year.

And so, let me end this article by enlisting the top 10 things I will be missing in China.

#10.Cooler Weather. Being back in my home country -one that is located in the equator, I definitely miss the fact that I don’t need airconditioning for months.
#9.Our rented apartment which became our home for a while, I just love everything about it - the glass windows, the view of the nearby mountain, the man-made waterfalls below us and the noisy frogs singing at night.
#8.Photo perfect places and things. I think I took thousands of photos during my stay here in China.
#7.My evening walks with hubby. It’s daily our time to bond and talk while exercising.
#6.Shitake Mushroom and KiatKiat Oranges. I just can’t enough of this.
#5. Their yummy steamed dumplings and meatballs which we usually buy at the grocery on weekends.
#4. Bread, Bread, Bread. I don’t know what it is with Madeli and Cai De Xuan but everytime we pass by these stores the smell is just so good. It’s like the Pied Piper hypnotizing the rats.
#3. Pasta by Papponi and Cheese cakes (especially the Japan Cheesecake and Cappucino Cheesecake) by Tiramisu.
#2. Our new friends and Catan playmates Victor, Janna and Jonette


#1. Milk Tea/Nai Cha. My ultimate favorite drink. I’ve tried several brands from MTR, Comebuy, AH-2, EDO. Each one with it’s own distinct taste I’ve come to adore.

3 comments: said...

Very Good.

ppp said...

welcome back, tagal mong nawala dito sa blogland...daming mong na miss sa china ha, ganyan talaga pag nasanay ka na at aalis kang bigla, medyo may kirot pero later on masasanay ka na rin sa bago

"Q" said...

so true ppp :) yes i also missed blogging talaga so i'll try to make up for all the lost months. thanks for visiting my page.