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Thursday, April 15, 2010

sunnysideup finds: One-of-a-Kind Oil Paintings and other Great Summer Deals

If there's one thing I never thought I'd enjoy that would be going to the malls Handyman DIY section and Home Decors. As a young kid my mom would literally have to drag me to convince to me to enter the shops but now I can stay there for hours looking for the best organizer cabinets, carpets, bathroom fixtures. Needless to say the price should be good.

Anyhow now I'm so into home decor and I feel so greatly accomplished having been able to furnish and make our room so comfortable and cozy at a friendly cost. Thanks to the 50% sale on curtains at Robinsons East Mall I only spent Php1200 to purchase 3 60x60 curtains, 2 pairs of brackets plus 2 pillow with cases for accent. I did recycle our old rod but it wasn't bad or shabby. Plus a small yellow spotlight on the side definitely makes the room more cozy. I still have more plans to accomplish for our room but so far I'm happy with the initial results.

My hubby on the other hand also got a great deal with his 32-inch LG Fully HD LCD TV purchase. Not only did it come with a P10,000 discount for cash purchase we also got freebies like a free Samsung DVD, a free Genius speaker and TV wall brackets. If you're wondering why so much sale and discount apparently there are low sales in Televisions since most appliance purchases are Aircons. Make sense huh!

TIP: So if you want a good deal on LCD's buy it on Summer when sales for TV's are low and Airconditioner sales are high.

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Oooh by the way, an artist friend of mine is selling some of her One-of-a-Kind Oil Paintings. Her oil paintings are perfect accent pieces for your offices or homes. Prices range from Php3,000- Php15,000.

Here's a group shot of the collection.

For more details on her paintings please visit her website or send her an email.


ppp said...

wise buyer ka ha! tama naman kasi pag summer e mabenta ang aircon at ang tv naman di gaano kaya medyo mura sya. ( medyo mura sa katulad mong mucho or maraming pera ) ...

"Q" said...

hi ppp, oo naman dapat wais and practical lagi di ba? :) di naman tamang napagipunan lang :P

thanks for the visit.

"Q" said...
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