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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunnysideup finds: Purple is the dog!

In one of our trips to Coloane, Macau my hubby and I were seated outdoors savoring our very delicious desserts from Lord Stowes...and then I spotted this dog. :P

It's just sooooo cute and adorable. I just couldn't help myself but take pictures. The dog was not camera or people shy. I even think it was using it's charm to get us to give him a treat. :)

Note: I still wonder how it got it's purple. Was it an accident or the artistic style of it's owner? :P


Nortehanon said...

A purple dog! Pareho tayo, while reading your post I was thinking how the dog became purple.

Kumusta po?! Was happy to see you've dropped in :) Salamat sa greetings!

peppermayo said...

Hair dye ata. hehe! I saw the Twins, the new Girls Next Door dye their doggies pink naman.

Been a while, Quinnie! I missed you! ;p

"Q" said...

@N: Haha aliw noh? I'm glad I made it sa birthday mo. Tagal ko nawala sa blogland pero buti na lang I made it on your day :P

"Q" said...

@Mae: I missed you too! It was quite a while since my last blog pero I'm glad to be welcomed again in the blog world by your beautiful new page design. Did you hire someone to redesign it? I really like!:)

Mae said...

Thanks! Yeah, it's by Kaye, my Filipina blogger friend din. Sobrang personalized yan, Kung anong type mo. Kahapon Lang natapos, you were just in time! I believe she attached a link to her portfolio on my footer. Check her other designs & prices. Get a makeover too! Para mas kikay! ;p