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Saturday, January 10, 2009

sunnysideup tagged: The 4th edition tag

I got this tag from Amy and Iris, my online friends who make blogging so much more fun. I am a trailing spouse, now based in China with my husband. I spend most of my time at home - blogging and building a home.

Anyway, here are a few more things about me (as shown by this tag). This tag is a cool way of sharing more things about ourselves.

4 favorite things to munch on

1. chips
2. chocolates
3. fruits and
4. more chips

4 places I like to visit and why

1. The Great Wall of China. Since we are here in China it's a must see for me.
2. I want to visit England and see lots of old English cottages, maybe a few castles too.
3. I already saw Rome and now would like to see Venice.
4. I also want to revisit Paris, this time with my hubby.

4 things that pop up when you Google my name.
To make this more interesting here's the first 4 results of the image search.

1. There's a beer name Quinnie? :)
2. Good thing this dog is cute.
3. Adorable baby girl with the same name as mine. Looks like my name is getting more and more popular. Even Manny Pacquiao's newly born baby girl is named, Queenie.
4. This is a nice black designer coat.

4 favorite sites for on line shopping

Haha this is funny but I'm a blogger who still doesn't shop online. I still prefer the old ways where I get to hold and observe the item.

Now I want to pass this tag to anyone who wants to share a piece of their thoughts and dreams. :)

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