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Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank you series: Macau becomes our second home

As Filipinos, my husband and I grew up with a strong inclination to the western ways - specially for (fast)food and entertainment. Although I have adapted more to the food and culture here in Zhongshan, my husband has more difficulty. He still craves for the food and environment he has grown into and although we pledged on eating healthy, a once in a while a fastfood meal is always a treat.

There are several McDonalds and KFC branches here but it doesn't taste the same. As expected the food they served has been slightly modified to appeal to the Asian/Chinese taste. For example:
  • KFC's chicken is still good but is served without the gravy. (Again what is KFC without gravy?)
  • KFC's gogo sandwich sauce has been updated to take on the chinese taste.
Also I have still yet to find a Starbucks store here in our area. Although there are a lot in Shanghai or Beijing, I have not found one here in Zhongshan. The nearest branches are in Macau or Guangzhou.

Thankfully we are blessed with the visa and capacity to travel to Macau regularly. Most of the things we crave for is just 2 hours away from us. Everytime we visit Macau we feel better and less homesick. We get to have the once in a while treat of eating fastfood we crave for. Just this week I got to eat Mcdonalds breakfast meal and my husband also discovered donuts that tasted the way he wanted. We have yet to find a nearby Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme but the patisserie in Macau Tower is good enough. The bread and food they serve is really superb!

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