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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank you series: Got our wedding album and video

It took almost a year before we got our wedding video and album. Albeit delayed, I am very happy with the results. Unfortunately, I cannot upload the video in Youtube since I still have to convert the video file. I really wish I could share it with you. Next time maybe. :) I'll feature it here once I had it converted. Special thanks to our supplier RSVP Photography, for a job well done. I would gladly recommend them to anyone who is planning their wedding soon.

Anyway, I'm happy that we made the right decision in our priorities. As we all know weddings are quite expensive nowadays but anyone who plans to get married should be decisive on the negotiable and non-negotiable parts of their wedding. This will help you set and stick to your budget. What is important for you and your fiance? What is it that really matters?

As for me and my hubby here is our summary of non-negotiable things.

1. Photo and Video coverage - We wanted to make sure we keep and document the memories. We also figured that 10 or 20 years down the road watching this will help us in our marriage.
2. Catering - Of course, its important to serve good food to your guests. Serve good food and serve it on time.
3. Venue - As they said, 'Location, Location, Location'. I do suggest that one chooses a venue that is not only beautiful, it should also be convenient for guests. Does it have parking? Will you be safe from unpredictable weather? And more importantly is the place special for you and your fiance?
4. Make-up - Yes this is important. We want to be beautiful and flawless on our wedding day :)

On the flipside, some of the items we used were not only customized, they were practical. I always believe that quality is not always assured by cost. I don't believe that items need to be expensive to be beautiful. If you really have the eye, you will see treasures in so many places.

1. Gown - You can design your own gown and have done by a local dressmaker. My mom is a fashion designer so I do know that it is possible to get a great dress/gown at a reasonable cost.
2. Giveaways - DIY! It's also a great way to bond with girlfriends and families.
3. Invitations - We can easily customize and do this at home :)

To end, of course the wedding day is just a day of our lives. It's the marriage that counts so do take time to reflect on the decision to jump into marriage. It's a roller coaster ride - unpredicatable yet exciting!

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