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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Settling series: The adventure begins as we furnish the apartment

August 29, 2008, Our first week was spent mostly shopping for grocery and furnishing. It took a little longer than expected because I dared not go out alone since I wasn’t comfortable with the idea just yet. I was not familiar with the place and I was hindered by language barrier. I mean this is truly the first time I felt like a kid learning how to talk and write.

"Our first batch of groceries."

Thanks to my husband’s colleagues, CK and Beng, we had several evenings of good food and conversation. They took us out for dinner and showed us around.

"Lady chef prepares our yummy dinner."

Also on a lighter note, I did enjoy our “shopping adventures” because Jason and I met new, Chinese, friends. It was a pleasure to bump into them since they offered the luxury of language. They were blessings from above, speaking to us in English, and assisting us with our purchases. They went beyond their call of duty. In them I saw my first impression of China. In them I saw discipline, perseverance, industriousness and goodwill.

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