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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you series: Party people!

Last Friday night, September 19, I had so much fun as I danced the night away with a couple of friends. Think I got a little dizzy too after a few glasses of Vodka and a sip of Tsing Tao. I wasn’t drunk but I had the need to relieve my drowsy head through dancing. My hubby didn’t mind, afterall I was grooving with a Filipina friend and he was just a few feet away watching me hehe. It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed nightlife. Not really much of a bar person since I don’t appreciate loud music but the music that night was fun and I missed dancing to the song of . . . Y M C A!
"My dancing partner!"

"The two C's, CK and CW."

"Behringer Boys"

My last two weekends were a blast, thanks to the growing Filipino community. Lots of good food and great company! Welcome to China guys!

Here's a few more photo's of our Barbeque day last weekend.

"With my friend Yoko..and of course... the barbeque!."

"Jason and Chalito, our food guardians!."

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