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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank you series: Such amazing trees!

On our second week here in China, Jason and I decided to take an outdoorsier walk towards the mountain. The truth was we needed the exercise but we were not yet ready for the gym. So we figured that this is the best compromise for us – sightseeing with exercise.

"This is me enjoying the view."

Our goal was to reach one of the hotels in the area and on our way there we came across a pair of amazing trees. They were ordinary trees planted along the sidewalks of our community and what were astounding about them were their roots. Unlike most of the trees I’ve seen in Manila, those that usually break or take off the cement that surrounds them, these trees adjusted to the grooves of the pavement.
"This is Jason showing the path with trees."

It was a surprising sight to see! Hmm…If trees such as these can adjust to their surroundings, no matter how awkward, then…so can I. :)

“Look at the roots!”

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