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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Settling series: My first pang of homesickness

September 2, 2008, I miss my friends and family terribly – my dad the most. I’m very close to him. We share a bond that I am proud of. My dad is my parent, my protector, my consultant and my friend. We support each other and I’m not used to the idea of not being physically able to support him or his plans.

Most of the day, I spend in our condo. My husband heads to work early in the morning and arrives around 7:30pm. I’m an only child and am very used to being independent and able to find ways to keep myself occupied. I can always find something to do. My laptop and the internet is my ally, but still I always feel a pang of sadness after a quick chat with friends and family. I miss the surprise parties, the celebrations, the get in touch moments at coffee shops, I can go on and on. I felt more homesick when my childhood friend Jacque sent me a link to her blog.

Then again, I guess I’m really blessed with great friends and family. The fact that there a so many people to miss means I’m sooo blessed with great people in my life. :) I’m online almost everyday and I’m glad for all the messages and calls I’ve been getting. See you all soon guys!

PS. Thank you for all the Despedida parties and celebrations you’ve prepared for us. I miss you all and see you soon!

"Despedida and Subic trip with Dad and Mommy Mariz."

"Despedida with Opposwim."

"Despedida with Nine."

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